Design Fees


Architects had mandatory design fees and were based on a sliding fee scale, determined by the value of construction work undertaken, building type, size of project and scope of work.

These mandatory design fee scales were abolished by the late Margaret Thatcher during the 1990’s because she wanted to remove monopolies.

Although today these design fee scales are still in use but only as a guide to calculate what is reasonable to charge.

For example:

For works to an existing domestic building they started at 16% for values under £20,000 (normally time charged for such small projects) and went down to 11.3% for values above £1,000,000.

For new build house construction they started at 10% for values under £20,000 and went down to 6.3% for values above £1,000,000.

A1 Design Fees Background

We A1 Architecture UK, we use the above design fee scales but with a reduction of50%to allow for market conditions and to be competitive with other Qualified Architectural Design Professionals (QADP).

Please note when compairing fee quotes – This is a Chartered Architectural  Practice and have over 38 years of experience and the fees are designed to reflect this and also be competitive with other QADP’s.

Please don’t compair our fees with – un-qualified ‘plan drawers or draughtsmen’, Architects, trainnees, technicians or designers in full time employment and doing a ‘job’ on the side for cash etc.

They would not have Professional Indemnity Insurance, unlikely to have the time to give you a professional service, or be in compiance with our Institutes strict code of professional conduct.

Also consider that although our fees will be higher than these ‘Plan Monkeys’ (paid in peanuts), our many years of experience in construction and design could with our advice save you more money ‘on site during the construction phase’ than any extra in design fees paid.

Consider, if you were in need of surgery would you go and see ‘a mate’ with tools in his garage and pay a few hundreds or go to a modern hospital and see a qualified surgeon and pay many thousands…?

A1 Design Fee Stages

You can see in ‘Project Stages’ that there are many steps to the design process and fees are due for these at differing phases of the design.


Step 1:

Needs and Options Review

Initial 1 hr Consulation – Fixed Fee £100


Step 2:

Scheme Design (Planning Submission):

35% of the discounted fee (must be completed)

Plus measured survey fee (see other section for details)


Step 3:

Detail Design (Working drawings / Building Regulations):

40% of the discounted fee (optional – Building Notice Route)


Step 4:

Contract Admin (Site works):

25% of the discounted fee (necessary if Certification of work is required) – But not less than £1,000


The above fees exclude Local Authority Fees, External Consulants Fees (i.e. Structural Engineers Fees) etc…


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